Peter Joffre Nye


I look for the story behind the story, especially in people and their stories that have been overlooked or pushed aside in every day's hurly-burly.

Often I discover compelling material while looking for something else. My articles have been published in a variety of publications, including the Washington Post, USA Today, and Sports Illustrated. Several magazine stories have turned into books.

My latest book is a biography, The Fast Times of Albert Champion: From Record-Setting Racer to Dashing Tycoon, An Untold Story of Speed, Success, and Betrayal (Prometheus Books), about the flamboyant man from Paris behind the name Champion Spark Plug and the initials in the General Motors division ACDelco.

in 2015 Champion was enshrined in a life-size bronze statute in downtown Flint MI, part of the city's Back to the Bricks Automotive Pioneers Statute Project. I had the honor of delivering brief remarks on how Champion, born and bred in Paris, went to Flint and helped to build GM from an idea to the world's largest corporation.

I also co-authored Peak Business Performance under Pressure (Skyhorse Publishing), with Bill Driscoll.

For the documentary The Six-Day Bicycle Races: America’s Jazz-Age Sport I wrote the script, narrated by Frank Deford. He was a real pro and working with Frank was a great experience. The doc premiered at the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival and has been shown in IFFs around the U.S., Canada, and abroad in Berlin, London, and Edinburgh.

Afterward I converted the script it to a coffee-table book with the same title.

I recently finished revising and updating my first book Hearts of Lions (W.W. Norton, 1988), for a thirtieth-year anniversary edition. It will be released from McGann Publishing. The new subtitle is: The Epic Saga of American Track and Road Bicycle Racing.

Stay tuned!

I have a B.S. in Political Science and Journalism from Ball State University, did graduate studies in Economics at the London School of Economics, and earned an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Goucher College.

Selected Works

"Fascinating to learn about an aviation pioneer I'm sure many people were not aware of"--a citation in 2017 IRMA! Yahoo!! (International Regional Magazine Association) award for Historic Feature.
Record-setting bicyclist and motorcyclist, daredevil racer-car driver, charismatic ladies' man, Jazz Age celebrity.
"This is a splendid book and a great gift. No, we won't give back our promotional copy."
–Richard Fries, in Bike Culture East,
No. 138, Summer 2007

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