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San Jose Mercury-News Picks Hearts of Lions #1 of Top 10 Cycling Books

"The definitive history of bicycle racing in the United States. It's also a terrific read."--Daniel de Visé


Airplane Wars: Finger Lakes Aviation Pioneer Glenn Curtiss Battled the Wright Brothers for Supremacy of the Skies
Winner of an IRMA! Yahoo!! (International Regional Magazine Association) award for Historic Feature.

The Fast Times of Albert Champion: From Record-Setting Racer to Dashing Tycoon, An Untold Story of Speed, Success, and Betrayal
Though most Americans have heard of the two companies Albert Champion founded—ACDelco and Champion Spark Plug—few know much about the flamboyant and extravagant man behind them. Like a Richard Branson of the early twentieth century, Champion was a powerhouse whose life was defined by both speed and success.

Peak Business Performance Under Pressure: A Navy Ace Shows How to Make Great Decisions in the Heat of Business Battles
Leadership lessons from Bill Driscoll, America's only Naval Flight Officer Ace. His TOPGUN training prepared him for both life-or-death aerial dogfights and the demands of difficult business decisions.

The Six-Day Bicycle Races: America's Jazz Age Sport
When the Black Sock scandal rocked major league baseball in 1920 and NFL franchises sold for $100 each, the biggest names in sports were bicycle racers. They competed in America's greatest sports craze of the 1920s and 1930s: the Six-Day bicycle races around steeply banked indoor tracks. Some of these men were the best-paid athletes of the time, earning more than Yankees icon Babe Ruth.

Selected Works

"Fascinating to learn about an aviation pioneer I'm sure many people were not aware of"--a citation in 2017 IRMA! Yahoo!! (International Regional Magazine Association) award for Historic Feature.
Record-setting bicyclist and motorcyclist, daredevil racer-car driver, charismatic ladies' man, Jazz Age celebrity.
"This is a splendid book and a great gift. No, we won't give back our promotional copy."
–Richard Fries, in Bike Culture East,
No. 138, Summer 2007

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